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Issue No. 5

Here at Cs Vintage Co we love all that is vintage, retro, and ol’ school, but we also believe in the power of change. Change can revitalize, challenge, empower, and invigorate us. It can drive us to innovate. It can scare us. And if we allow it, it can help us grow. Count Vintage himself has been hard at work to bring you a fresh take on our little slice of nostalgia. Because change is good.

We bring you: Cs Vintage Noir. We have given the Cs Vintage website a total redesign. It’s darker, classier, and certified vintage.

In this special issue, we bring you more than ever. Watch the transformation of a 1930’s radio to a modern-day media center computer. Pay respect to a fencing legend in our tribute to Joe Dabbs on the Fencing page. Hear the latest from Prim8 Pimpin’ (a new release just for us). Indulge in Oreo’s n Ice Cream and wash it all down with a fresh summer take on some classic drinks over at the bar. In Respect The Classics, we treat you to a cartoon throwback, and finally check out some random goodness on our new Random page. Explore the new diggs and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

In the words of the Count, “If it’s gonna take forever, make it worth it!” Welcome back, folks. It’s been too long. We hope it’s been worth your wait.

Keep it vintage,


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