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Issue No. 4

I could tell you about the amazing things the Count and I have been up to that have inspired parts of this issue, like our trip to Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville, or our excursion to New Orleans for a fencing tournament, but this month’s issue strike’s a bit of a chord for the Count and I (and perhaps, some of you as well), and I feel that takes precedence.
Here at Cs Vintage Co., we are eclectic. Some might say strange, others may see it as passionate. There have been times we’ve been called nerds or geeks--all very true. We also have pride. We have dignity. And rather poignantly for this time of year, we have tradition and resolutions. Not tradition in a sense that you may be familiar with, but in a way that has manifest itself to comfort us when we have been made uncomfortable in our own skin. Tradition in a way that reminds you family is not limited to blood relations, and even when you feel alone there is comfort in knowing someone else feels just like you do. Resolution based on personal growth and inner strength, not shrinking waistlines and bulging muscles. Resolution to make yourself the person you want to be, not the person others pressure you to become. In this month’s Respect the Classics, the Count shares his tradition with you and fulfills some resolutions of his own.
During the holidays and edging into the New Year, whether comfort food or comic books is your retreat, remember that this time of year isn’t about the turkey or the presents, it’s about the comfort of being with family (whoever that may be for you) and the acceptance and love that we can show one another.

Happy Holidays from the Cs Vintage Co. Family

Keep it vintage,

The Countess

Issue No. 3

Summer is all but over, but here at CSV Headquarters we are just warming up. This month, the Count showcases a fresh track off of Prime 8's latest album, Sellswords and Courtesans. On the fencing page, we have gathered the cream of the crop to give you a highlights reel of some of the best fencing footage we have collected so far. But that's just the opening act. In this month's music section, Groove Carnival takes the stage with three tracks off of their album One Monkey Don't Stop the Show (available now on iTunes). If you're a little hot and bothered after rocking out to the smooth tunes from the boys of Groove Carnival, stop by the Cellar for a refreshing riff on the classic Gin and Tonic. Or if you need a little something extra to keep you going, get your caffeine fix from Savor Home's indulgent espresso cookies.

We hope you enjoy this month's issue and squeeze every last bit out of your summer. Fall is just around the corner, and we are ready for it and all the awesomeness we have in store for you in next month's issue: the Crescent City Open fencing tournament in Louisiana, a Cs Vintage Halloween party special, and much more.

Keep it vintage,

The Countess

Issue No. 2

First, all of us here at Cs Vintage Co. would like to thank all of you for showing your support of our premier issue last month. On release day, we received over 500 page views. While some may find this a modest start, we are more than happy with the response. In addition, we’ve created Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts so we can share even more vintagey goodness with you. So go add us to keep up with all things Cs Vintage Co. and let us know what you think!

We’ve got a lot of great features in store for you this month. Head over to the Count’s page to see his cello-case-turned-armory, or visit Prim8 Pimpin‘ to listen to some exclusive tunes made just for us and a sample of his new album, Sellswords & Courtesans. Need a drink? Join P.E. Grayhame on his traffic-free trip to Manhattan. After that, stop by Savor Sweet’s page to get a quick (and healthy) breakfast (or late night snack). Don’t forget to see what’s happening over on the fencing page: part two of a battle royal we started in the last issue.

Got something to say? Say it! I may even feature your message in letters to the editor in our next issue. So don’t be shy, drop me a line at countess@csvintageco.com and have your voice heard!

Last but not least, we’d like to say thank you to all of the participants in the first ever Cs Vintage Co. “Respect the Classics” Challenge. In just ten days, we received over 70 entries from readers who submitted photos of their vintage video games. Check out the Respect the Classics page to see this month’s winner and add us on Facebook and Twitter for details on a chance to win in the next Challenge!

Keep it vintage,

The Countess

Issue No. 1

The Man Behind the Curtain

C.S. Vintage began not as a blog or a magazine, but as a man with a passion for a little bit of everything and a lot of love for all things vintage. This man is The Count--the driving force behind all that is C.S. Vintage. Although he likes to keep to himself, his enthusiasm for an eclectic and vintage lifestyle has compelled him to share his vision with those of a like-mind. As a result, his life long love of eclecticism has manifest itself in the C.S. Vintage magazine. Over three years in the making, it has been a gradual accumulation of people, ideas, aspirations, experiences, hobbies, trial and error, and odds and ends. True to its motto, Lifestyles of the Eclectic, it is the result of a hodgepodge of people whose lives have crossed paths by chance (or fate), related only by the common desire to live life as they see fit (and a mutual friendship with The Count).  

The Contributors

This truth became most self-evident the night our motley crew all met in person for the first time. It was the end of December and we had all found ourselves in the same city at the same time as a result of the holidays. Not for entirely unrelated reasons, we decided to meet at a bar (aptly named The Nook) to discuss the magazine. There’s nothing like visiting family to really bring into focus the things you have and have not accomplished in life, as well as remind you of the things you actually want to accomplish. An artist, a musician, a connoisseur, and myself, all with distinctively different pasts, presents, and futures, united in the common goal of creating for no other reason than we want to do it. As we sat at our round table, these were the things we discussed; the what-if’s, the why-not’s, and the one-day’s. 

The Eclectic

This is not a magazine intended for keeping up with the Jones’, the economy, celebrities, or the times. This is a magazine about keeping up with your passions, whatever they may be. We hope, whether there be 5, 50, or 500,000 of you, whether you are an engineer, a photographer, a dreamer, or whatever, that you find a little piece of yourself in this magazine. Take yourself a little bit less seriously and your passions a little bit more seriously.

Welcome to the first issue of the C.S. Vintage magazine.

--The Countess

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