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The Rosendraft Table is an old drafting table I decided to refinish and update for the Countess Vintage. Many years of airbrush projects left the original table top badly stained, so I had to start fresh. I went to the hardware store for some supplies: a 24x36 slab of hobby-wood, 1 quart of finish, a couple of foam brushes to apply the polyurethane, and sanding pads to smooth out rough spots (grand total of about $30). The original rose design took a few hours to airbrush. I used a custom red/maroon paint mixture and was patient to make sure the design didn’t over dominate the draft table as a whole. The table top was finished and refinished 7 times due to the fact that it had to be durable enough and smooth enough for future usage with different mediums.
The Rosendraft Table
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