Jocko Graves

Jocko Graves (2020)

This is Jocko Graves, (1764-1776)

The History on this boy is tragic and short and the reason for this pose is the order of a president to honor his memory which may surprise it.  The reason he's my project for black history month, is because here in the south, every so often you come across a flea market or a questionable yard sale or a nearly condemn-able house where you look down and you see him. The tell-tell signs you got an original: He weights a ton, hes got ridiculously fat lips and a horrible paint job. So one day my mother calls me and says she found one. She told me...don't make it original, make it right.

Among artists It is considered bad form to paint over another's artwork. But in my opinion this wasn't art. It was an il minded perception that was now in my hands.

Skin. I chose a color that would resonate Between the various African American skin tones for which there are countless proud beautiful shades, not too light or too dark. My Mom picked out the new clothing color scheme so i went with it. Mr. Graves is looking fresh and tailored. I kept the base Snow white on which he stands. I wanted a piece of him to have a historic marker from his story. Lastly i gave him a proper clear coat. This time the elements will never dull his shine.

Christmas Eve, 1776. Washington and his crew leave by boat crossing the Delaware to drop a surprise attack on British forces. Back on the icy riverbanks of Philadelphia there is a black 12 year old boy who was told he was too young to fight but was still convincing enough to somehow serve. His mission, tend to the horses, and keep the lantern lit. When the attack was over they would need to see where to dock the boats upon returning. Its already below freezing and now a blizzard is moving in that slows the troops down and hypothermia claims the lives of two of Washington's men. Back at the lantern, you have to wonder what Jocko was thinking. At somepoint he had to realized he was freezing to death. He could of left and went to shelter. He could of left the lantern hanging somewhere close to the water. I want to believe he thought if he abandon his position he would of been a coward but if he stayed the cold would take him. The statue i stair at is the proof of his choice made painfully obvious. Found frozen solid at the post he never left holding the lantern which was still lit. Unfortunately this legend is almost 250 years old, and without more hard evidence theres no way of knowing how it really went down but that is what i chose to believe.


If i could id go back in time id put a coat on this kid. But i cant. So at the very least, I can remember the story, clean him up...and show some respect.


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Cs Vintage Co. art, airbrush, retro, old school, comics, vintage
Cs Vintage Co. art, airbrush, retro, old school, comics, vintage