“The Bachelorette Beachy Bach”

Or “Revenge of the beach scene”.  (2018)

Settle in people. This one is up to you to judge. First I’m going to say I’ve been airbrushing since I was 15… like 100 years ago. Usually when you learn airbrush the first big thing you learn how to do is a beach scenery. Since then, I’ve probably painted thousands of them in a million colorways. Now that I’m older and I started CSV, I wanted beach scenes to be the LAST thing I would do. BUT when one of your oldest friends in history ask you, you just do it. "Every time I get out…they pull me right back in!" lol.


Just kidding leah! You know i gotchu. So here we go. Full disclaimer I didn’t organize this project well but I did do something cool in the end so stick around.



Never fails. You can plan all you want, days ahead for massive tshirt projects but it always falls apart and you end up having to paint it all in one night. The universe demands the struggle.

When they asked me how much is all this gunna cost. I said just give me proof. They did not disappoint!


Also here's a demo video to show you how I do a beach scene. Just about every airbrush artist you know will do it better but i want to show you we do it CSV style! Enjoy.

I'm out.
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Cs Vintage Co. art, airbrush, retro, old school, comics, vintage
Cs Vintage Co. art, airbrush, retro, old school, comics, vintage