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Swords 101 Page 5
Stop Hit :
Coup d'arrêt - a counter-attack that hits; also a counter-attack whose touch is valid by virtue of it's timing.

Stop Cut :
Coup d'arrêt - a stop-hit with the edge in sabre, typically to the cuff.

Three Prong :
"Fil de corps épée" - a type of epee body wire/connector; also an old- fashioned tip that would snag clothing, to make it easier to detect hits in the pre-electric era.

Thrown Point :
Coup lancé, "bingo" - a "flick".

Thrust :
Coup de pointe, coup d'estoc - an attack made by moving the sword parallel to its length and landing with the point.

Tierce :
Tierce - parry #3; blade up and to the outside, wrist pronated.

Time Hit :
Coup de temps - also time-thrust; old name for stop hit with opposition.

Trompement :
Trompement - deception of the parry.

Two Prong :
"Fil de corps fleuret / sabre" - a type of body-wire/connector, used in foil and sabre.

Whip-over :
 Coup fouetté - in sabre, a touch that results from the foible of the blade whipping over the opponent's guard or blade when parried.
Whites :
"Tenue" - fencing clothing.

Yellow Card :

Carton jaune - also advertisement, warning; used to indicate a minor rule infraction by one of the fencers.
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