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Whenever I am trying to be creative, I try to be around creative things, familiar items, things that bring me into good spirits. My office is full of stuff like that, since I built most of it. Looking around, it always reminds me that I can still create and create better. Now, I know that makes me seem like I’m always looking forward, but let me tell you about how my battle with the kraken in the past inspired me to make this table in the present.

When I was growing up in high school like most teens, I had to adhere to a ton of rules. If any teens are reading this now, just know…you guys got it worse (Ha). Anyway, I use to draw all the time, and pretty much on anything, and I still do, but at this particular time in my life it was all happening at my high school. One day after I was in detention (I wish I could tell you a cool story about that, but the reason as I recall wasn’t really epic at all), I was sitting at a desk in a room by myself. I had nothing but a pencil and no paper, as the teacher I had at the time knew to take away the one thing that gave me any kind of power. So, realizing that I am not supervised for the next hour, I get up and go to another desk, and I start to draw on the table. One thing led to another and, well…I mean some people have no idea how much graffiti’ damage one can do to school property in one hour. Before my hour was up, I take a snap shot of my work with my disposable camera (it’s the year 2000) and quickly go back to my seat as my teacher comes in to release me. He doesn’t even walk beyond a few steps into the classroom, just tells me I can leave. The next day, I hear about people getting questioned about a huge drawing of an octopus all over the desk, and of course, no one knew anything. They asked me and I said I wasn’t anywhere near the desk, and that my teacher was watching me the whole time. In reality, he went to go get something to eat, but I don’t think that’s the story he told. Long story short, a couple of months ago I found the nearly destroyed picture looking through some stuff in the attic and decided it was time to create it for real. Good times.
The Kraken Table
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