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I eat chocolate everyday, whether its a little Dove dark chocolate candy or a handful of chocolate chips. Sometimes I treat myself to something more special, which is what I did last weekend...

One of my favorite desserts is chocolate soufflé. I love everything about them from their texture to the process of making them. I find the process sort of therapeutic... 

And this is what I got... I got a spongy, chocolatey, light, delicious work of food art. I photographed these as soon as they came out of the oven as they tend to deflate over time. When their photo session was over, I took one soufflé ( I made two), sat at my kitchen table and had dessert. I think it was around two in the afternoon and I had eaten lunch two hours prior. That's ok right?

After I finished the first soufflé, I poured a jar of creamy milk. Then, I reached over to the second soufflé... and devoured it. Yes, I felt guilty. I ate a salad for dinner that night, which made me feel a little better...

I used this amazing and simple recipe. It calls for bittersweet chocolate, but semi-sweet is delectable as well...
Chocolate Souffle
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